space and awareness

There are two principal aspects of our being seen from inside. One is the vast dimension of being. It is the space where all thoughts arise and are clearly seen. Not only thoughts, all sensations, impulses, perceptions etc. arise within the same space, still, to recognize this space it is usually easier to start with observing thoughts.

The second is the awareness which is cognizant. Cognizant not only of thoughts and other objects but also cognizant of oneself. These two, space and awareness, are inseparable.

the main question

The main question of the contemplative science is whether the mind which thinks thoughts and the mind which perceives and knows these thought are two different entities or just one? Do we really have a bicameral mind where one entity is producing thoughts and the other is receiving them or is the mind a kind of Ouroboros which is cognizing itself? This question is not for being answered but for being explored in one's own direct, raw, and immediate experience not contaminated by words. So, let's take the most intimate journey available to us, humans.



Discovering a mental space as an experience and not as just a concept is a crucial point in contemplative practice. This is the point when the practice of meditation becomes very clear and doesn’t require too much effort. This experience is a good foundation for many advanced meditation practices.

✦ recognizing mind as a sense organ

✦ discovering the movement of thoughts

✦ discovering the space where this movement occurs

✦ discovering the natural inborn awareness

✦ discovering natural calm state

✦ discovering the unknown

The course will be in Zoom. The recording will be available soon after each live session.


Igor Berkhin is a long-term meditation practitioner, a Buddhist translator, and a teacher authorized by a prominent Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Besides teaching in a spiritual context, he is one of the pioneers of secular mindfulness meditation in Russia who also broadly teaches around the world. His online course on meditation created for Yoga Journal in 2012 immediately attracted 7000 subscribers and is still one of the most popular online courses on meditation in the Russian language. He presented mindfulness to important think tanks in Russia and teaches meditation for the students of Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis as well as to Gestalt Psychotherapy community. One of his projects is about how to apply contemplative practices for recognizing and neutralizing psychological manipulations. He is a co-founder of the first Russian interdisciplinary conference on mindfulness as well as of the association of Russian-speaking mindfulness teachers.


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special project

The course with chinese translation

You can also join a similar course that will be accompanied by sequential Chinese translation. Please notice that in this case you will have less possibilities to ask a question since there will be much more participants. SInce the course will have a sequential translation into Chinese which takes time, there will be inevitably less material than in the original course.


The schedule is on Fridays at 21:00-23:00 Beijing time.
May 20, 27 and June 3, 10, and 17. 5 sessions.

the fee

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