The more thoughts you have,

The deeper your calm state is.

thoughts: pro and contra

Thinking is a great human capacity that allows us to go beyond the animal realm. At the same time, thinking can be a curse when this process goes out of our conscious control. Thoughts disturb us distracting our attention, generating strong emotions, conditioning our perception with prejudice. Instead of being a cognitive tool, uncontrolled thoughts become a veil that blocks our cognition, particularly, when we want to look inside ourselves being unable to break through thoughts to deeper layers of mind.

how to deal with thoughts

Therefore, since a long time, humanity has been developing tools for achieving a calm and clear state of mind. Usually this goal is achieved through the process of sharp continuous concentration which is blocking thoughts as well as through keeping the mind away from disturbances.

an eye of a cyclone

But the calm state is not necessarily a state devoid of thoughts. It is rather a state when thoughts still can arise but they neither disturb us nor coerce us into action.

Instead of suppressing or freezing the thinking process in order to achieve a calm state, it is possible to discover the layer of psyche which is not subjected to a habitual whirling of our minds and to bring this important part of ourselves from the unconscious into the conscious. This experience is sometimes referred to as 'an eye of a cyclone'.


natural calm state

The course provides simple and effective instruments which allow one to break out from the stream of disturbing thoughts as well as to understand some fundamental principles of how the mind works. 

  • interdependence of body and mind in relation to the calm state
  • breaking through the chain of thoughts
  • focusing and relaxing the attention
  • discovering 'an eye of a cyclone'
  • overcoming the hindrances of drowsiness and agitation
  • how do I see my thoughts?
The course can be beneficial for people of different levels of preparation. The course is in English with consecutive Chinese translation. The recordings are available soon after each session. 

The course will be in Zoom with a possibility to ask questions.


Igor Berkhin is a long-term meditation practitioner, a Buddhist translator, and a teacher authorized by a prominent Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Besides teaching in a spiritual context, he is one of the pioneers of secular mindfulness meditation in Russia who also broadly teaches around the world. His online course on meditation created for Yoga Journal in 2012 immediately attracted 7000 subscribers and is still one of the most popular online courses on meditation in the Russian language. He presented mindfulness to important think tanks in Russia and teaches meditation for the students of Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis as well as to Gestalt Psychotherapy community. One of his projects is about how to apply contemplative practices for recognizing and neutralizing psychological manipulations. He is a co-founder of the first Russian interdisciplinary conference on mindfulness as well as of the association of Russian-speaking mindfulness teachers.



Fridays: October 7, 14, 21, 28, and November 4. 

Each session lasts for 2 hours. The course is in Zoom. 

Please note that the beginning of the last session may change for the countries which are using Summer Time.


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